eBook and PDF Files

Read and download Steve’s great eBook and PDF resources here, including: Managing Talent is Talented Management, General Coaching Questions, and so much more!

Culture Playbook

Your culture defines your organization and is the starting point for training your team.  Make sure your organization is focused on the Service Profit Chain and Talent Retention to realize a competitive advantage.


My First 90 Days Playbook

The My First 90 Days Playbook covers how to successfully transition into a new role within your organization.  This free resource includes an assessment, milestones markers, on-boarding checklists, and much more!  Take your new role into your own hands or equip your team with the knowledge to excel.

First 90 Days Playbook

New Manager Promotion Playbook

Learn to spot the “Big 5 Talent Behaviors” and begin building your talent pipeline.  The tips and phases in this playbook are extremely practical so that you can start implementing a tried-and-true promotion process right away!


Setting Clear Sales Agendas

With this resource you’ll learn the Three Desired Outcomes, Two Guiding Principles, and the Purpose-Benefit Check (PBC) of setting sales agendas.


Active Listening

Being an active listener leads to asking great questions.  Asking great questions gets you the answers you need to improve your sales goals.  As a sales rep, your clients rely on you to listen, ask questions, and make recommendations about the best products and services to improve their business.  Learn how to develop these crucial skills today!


eBook: Managing Talent is Talented Management

Steve’s eBook Managing Talent is Talented Management is sure to give any manager-coach the base skills they need to improve their business through the empowerment of their team.  All 36 pages are packed with lots of fantastic information to help your business thrive!
Managing Talent Book

Sales Prospecting Guidelines

If you can get someone’s attention, you can get the sales appointment!  It’s the crucial first-step in every sales process.  Learn the practical techniques, behaviors, and guiding principles behind successful sales prospecting.


Great Coaching Questions

The Great Coaching Questions document provides a list of questions for managers to draw from when coaching their team members.

Great Coaching Questions

4 Percent Training Plan

The 4% Championship Sales Coaching and Training Plan gives a structured, disciplined approach to incorporating sales coaching into your weekly team meetings.

4 Percent Training Plan

4 Step Coaching Plan

The 4-Step Coaching Process and Skills Plan affords busy managers an easy-to-follow guide for incorporating 1:1 meetings with their team members.


10-10-10 Coaching Engagement Agenda

The 10-10-10 Coaching Engagement Agenda gives step by step guidance on how to conduct 1:1 meetings in 15 to 30 minutes.

10-10-10 Coaching Engagement Agenda

Delegation Tool

The Delegation Skill Planning Tool is an easy-to-follow guide for managers to use when determining what responsibility can be delegated to team members and how to delegate effectively.

Delegation Tool

Coaching High Performers

Independent, hard-working employees are fantastic. However, they can be hard to work with and even harder to give feedback to. In Taming Stallions: The 3-C Pathway to Coaching High Performers, Steve provides tips from a real workplace example on how to manage the “stallions” on your team.

Manager Skills Assessment

Great managers and leaders are passionate and committed to their own professional development. Self awareness precedes behavior change. Self-assess your strengths in these core manager skills to determine where you need to focus your development efforts. Your team will appreciate your continued inspiring and effective leadership!

Core Manager Skills Assessment

The Leadership and Management Skills Self-Assessment is the base-line assessment for any manager-coach to understand where he or she can improve.  From communication to strategic thinking, 15 critical skills of a great manager-coach are addressed and the assessment is wrapped-up with a usable Leadership Commitments and Action Plan.

Leadership Self Assessment

Managerial Models

These models were created by Steve to provide manager-coaches with visualized resources to better understand the best-practices he teaches.

Performance Management Model

The Performance Management Model© aligns your and your team’s actions with your organization’s vision and mission.  Learn how EQ, Values, and Culture form the base of the model.  Built upon the foundations are the “Big 5” Core Manager Skills, Coaching Skills, and Results.

For more information about how to use this model to improve your organization, contact Steve.

Performance Accountability Cycle (PAC)

Steve’s Performance Accountability Cycle (PAC) model is inspired by vision and driven by five core management skills. The manager-coach who follows the PAC model will quickly find that s/he will master the art of performance evaluation and feedback.

SRC_PAC Model (Final Draft)

Big Picture, Small Frame

The Big Picture, Small Frame model provides managers with a nice visualization of how to focus efforts during coaching conversations.  The “big picture” is shown as making meaning of the conversation.  The “small frame” is focusing on specific variables such as skills, behavior, performance, and others which allow team members to know exactly how they can embody the values of your organization.

SRC_bigpicsmallframe (Final Draft)

Video Resources

Steve is committed to developing valuable video content for managers facing the opportunities and challenges of today’s  dynamic work environment.

Promoting the Right People

Promoting from within is one of the smartest things an organization can do.  Research shows that hiring new employees costs substantially more than promoting existing employees.  This is due to the time and resources spent getting the new employee up to speed on the particulars of the organization.  However, it can also be costly to promote the wrong people just because they work hard or are friendly.  In this video Steve gives tips on how to spot the right employees to promote to managerial positions.  Also take a look at “Coaching High Performers” in the eBook and PDFs section of this resources page for more information on this topic.

Feedback Skills

Feedback is absolutely essential to running your organization smoothly and efficiently.  If team members do not know what they are doing wrong and right then they will never know what your expectations are.  However, if feedback is given in a constructive way then team members will have the opportunity to shine and align with organizational goals.  In this video Steve gives some advice on how to effectively give feedback.

Managing Emotions

Emotions are part of being human and they will occur in the workplace.  In particular, emotional reactions are likely to occur when team members are receiving tough feedback.  In this video Steve gives manager-coaches the advice they need to manage both their own emotions and those of their team members.

Coaching Skills for Busy Managers

Effective and inspiring managers are key drivers of employee engagement. Participants will gain clarity on how their capacity to grow and develop their people is central to attracting, engaging, and retaining top industry talent. People rarely quit a great boss, but they often quit mediocre managers. This workshop is designed to help the dedicated manager be a great leader and coach.


Steve is very excited to bring your business into the 21st century of managerial coaching! Webinars will enable your team to gain all the insights and training that Steve normally provides in-person, but at a time that fits your team’s busy work schedule. Look for new webinars coming soon!

Replay: Building and Leading Teams

Learn how to build effective teams with high levels of collaboration, performance, motivation, and commitment. Improve your team’s dynamics by using the proper language. Climb organizational mountains using teamwork and cohesion to conquer the business environment!

Replay: Building Engaged Work Cultures

Engaging your employees is not always easy but it is always critical. Learn how to engage your teams by utilizing the Two Critical Culture-Building Dimensions and by following the Three Culture-Building Steps.

Replay: Difficult Workplace Conversations

Managing Difficult Workplace Conversations teaches the 5 Core Skills to effectively manage these tough and often tricky conversations. Watch the replay video of this webinar absolutely free!

Slides: Difficult Workplace Conversations

Learn the 5 Core Skills for managing difficult workplace conversations.  Slides in an easy-to-access PDF format for download.

Webinar Difficult Conversations

External Resources

Here you’ll find great resources that Steve has vetted and compiled for your benefit. Industry will experts impart the best management information using everything from assessments to articles to videos.

Assessment: Strengths Finder

Based on the #1 best seller Strengths Finder 2.0 by Tom Rath and backed by lots of Gallup research, the Strengths Finder 2.0 Assessment is a must for any manager-coach. It will teach you everything you need to know to leverage your inherent strengths as well as how to work with other people’s strengths.

Assessment: Dimensions of Leadership

Based on the highly recommended book, The Eight Dimensions of Leadership, the 8 Dimensions of Leadership Map will strengthen your leadership by discovering your leadership style and showing you what you can learn from others. This assessment sets you back $5 but is well worth the price.

Assessment: Emotional Intelligence

Research from Harvard Business School demonstrated that EQ (Emotional Quotient, measuring emotional intelligence) is more important than IQ and Technical Skills in determining success in the workplace.  Take the free quiz here to determine your areas for improvement.

Many EI tests on the market have not been empirically validated. For a review of research backed EI tests, go to the EI Consortium: http://www.eiconsortium.org/measures/measures.html

Assessment: Energy Profile Assessment

The Energy Profile Assessment from the Human Performance Institute informs managers about the makeup of their physical, mental, and emotional energy, and suggests rooms for improvement.

Video: HR Best Practices

HR Tips from VP Google Operations, Liane Hornsey.

Video: Employee Motivation

DRIVE author Daniel Pink shares surprising truths about employee motivation.

Video: Company Culture

Learn from Zappos about the Core Values that drive successful businesses. The values you hire, train, and fire by are powerful talent recruitment and retention forces.

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