Hospitality Leadership Development Program

Creating extraordinary guest experiences and fostering long-term customer loyalty begins and ends with inspiring, focused and disciplined leadership. Hospitality leaders and managers will learn how to build ownership cultures that are customer-centric, values driven and results focused.

“Steve’s credible restaurant background, including successful ownership, makes him a trusted strategic training partner. His front and back-of-house hospitality leadership programs are energizing, fast-paced and provide practical, no nonsense management communication and leadership skills.”

-Jane Anderon Executive Director – Asheville Independent Restaurant Association (AIR)

Organizational Challenges:

There is no potent leadership vision for building a unified, inspired culture of hospitality excellence.

Our culture is good but it isn’t extraordinary. Motivation, morale, accountability, and the customer experience are inconsistent.

Team members are not growing and developing on the job. At times, performance is replaced with comfort and complacency.

Ineffective continuous improvement processes (CIP). Issues linger. Priorities are not set. Products and services are stagnant.

Our Training Solutions:

Managers craft a leadership operational plan that ensures your organization’s vision sticks into the culture. Customers will feel it.

Leaders and managers learn how to build a passionate, customer-centric culture and identify metrics that matter.

Managers learn to provide daily coaching and effective feedback. Today’s talent seeks rich growth opportunities and recognition.

We teach CIP fundamental structures and processes. Accountability, empowerment, and innovation get driven to front line teams.

Clients Who Have Benefited from this Program