Managers fear that having a difficult conversation must involve HR!

“People almost never change without first feeling understood.”
-Douglas Stone, Difficult Conversations

Managing Difficult Workplace Conversations

Managers who are skilled at conducting difficult workplace conversations experience less stress, greater accountability, and a higher performing culture. This program provides managers with the confidence and competence to have difficult conversations that are constructive, not destructive.

Performance Management Model

Based on neuroscience, adult development, & performance training research, Steve has developed the Performance Management Model© which guides & instructs our management training approach.

Of the core skills Steve teaches, our managers find three to be most pragmatic and relevant: coaching in the workplace, feedback and managing difficult conversations. Our managers get lots of skills training practice while receiving real time feedback and coaching. Steve enables our team to feel inspired and competent to immediately transfer these skills in the workplace.”

-Charlotte Stack VP – Operations, Chai Pani Restaurant Group

4 Goals to Improve Your Difficult Conversation Skills

Brainstorming ideas

Goal I – Appreciate that effective management creates feedback-rich and supportive environments that greatly minimize the challenges of difficult conversations.

Learning and Teaching

Goal II – Learn key communication skills that keep difficult conversations safe and collaborative while insisting on action and accountability.

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Goal III – Understand how to provide negative feedback constructively and without sugar coating the situation.

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Goal IV – Always be transparent, kind, and honest while building trust and making requests for improvement.

I Demonstrate a Real Scenario of How to Handle a “Qualified Yes”

Clients Who Have Benefited from this Program

Asheville Independent Restaurant Association
Chai Pani Restaurant

City Bakery in Asheville

Posana Restaurant