Coaching Skills for Busy Managers

Effective workplace coaching and development is a top talent attraction, engagement, and retention tool. This program teaches busy managers how to integrate effective coaching skills into their hectic day. Talented employees are inspired to work for an engaged coach, not a stressed manager.

“Steve has delivered the highly impactful workshop Coaching Skills for Busy Managers for our managers for eight years. Managers consistently rank this critical training with high scores. Managers report that they learn practical skills and tools that are immediately transferable to their team, like, how to provide effective feedback and manage tough workplace conversations. We consider Steve to be a valuable strategic training partner.”

-Matthew Tyler Director – Sales Management & Leadership Development, Novo Nordisk

Organizational Challenges:

Skilled and inspired workplace coaching has become a management box-to-check instead of a talent development strategy.

Talented employees desire growth opportunities but feel stagnant and their motivation fluctuates.

The work environment is feedback-starved. People don’t know where they stand, even when doing a great job.

Our managers lack the assertiveness and skills to drive results and keep their team accountable.

Managers avoid conflict, allowing sub-par behaviors and performance to infect the culture.

Our Training Solutions:

We train core coaching skills and processes to ensure coaching and developing others is a strategic priority.

Managers learn a powerful and agile coaching process. We take “time” off the excuse table.

Managers learn to provide regular feedback that is constructive and encouraging, while recognizing effort and performance results.

We instill “sweet spot” feedback skills that create a high performance culture through accountability.

We train how to manage from expectations, standards, and values; not personalities.

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