Employees are looking for more than a paycheck; they want to develop and grow!

“58% of workers say there isn’t enough growth opportunity to drive retention.”
-Rachel Montanez (Forbes)

Building and Sustaining a Coaching Culture

The Building and Sustaining a Coaching Culture program gives your organization a competitive strategy for attracting, developing, and retaining top talent. We collaborate with clients to create a coaching change blue print that ensures coaching sticks in your culture, versus ending up being a “flavor of the month.”

Performance Management Model

Based on neuroscience, adult development, & performance training research, Steve has developed the Performance Management Model© which guides & instructs our management training approach.

“If companies are seeking exceptional — not merely incremental — performance gains, they must invest in training managers to be the inspiring coaches we all dream of having.”

Vipula Gandhi (Gallup)

4 Phases for Building a Strong Coaching Culture

Clasped Hands

Phase I – Define and embrace coaching as a critical business strategy. Through dialogue, we help leadership connect coaching to vision, core values, and business goals.

Team Around Table

Phase II Enroll and engage the management team. It’s imperative that managers are prepared to lead the culture change initiative. We train managers about how to skillfully coach their teams.

Learning and Thinking

Phase III – Launch coaching skills training and introduce coaching processes. We level-set coaching competencies and help your organization codify end-to-end coaching methodology.


Phase IV – Support and sustain a culture shift.
We create a blueprint for sustained strategic training activities so that your organization has consistent and positive coaching behaviors.

Steve Demonstrates One-on-one Coaching Skills

Clients Who Have Benefited from this Program

Asheville Independent Restaurant Association
Chai Pani Restaurant
Meridian Title Corporation
Greybeard Realty